Jacquelynn Faye

Welcome to my corner of the universe, my humble abode. We’re growing into some empowering changes here. Some of it’s a little unordinary as most of it’s pretty extraordinary.

You’ve wandered into an eclectic place. I follow my passions of which there are many, and it is here they have found a home. Art and literature just name a few.

My experiences have shaped me and how I connect to the world. They’ve also driven me to give back, to help more, and to support people into their own healing.

Yes, I am one of those. I do believe everything is by design, our design. It’s complex, life is, and that’s okay. Complexity doesn’t have to be a bad thing, nor does it have to be overwhelming.  I am quite complex as I believe most of us are.

Whatever has brought you here, I’m so glad to have you. I’ve dedicated this space to creating the world I want to live in, and fill it often with as many helpful things as I can. The more you return to our little corner of the universe here, the more you’re certain to find! So please be welcome!

Please be welcome.

Explore, and if we’re both fortunate today, become inspired.