Jacquelynn Faye

Growing up 417 Springfield MO

Growing up 417 didn’t start for me until I was already 7 years old. Before Springfield, I never called a city home.


Real Spring hadn’t yet begun; just that early on wet frozen slush that turned the ground into soup. We were moving again. Other than the cold, I didn’t mind. Changing places never bothered me. Moving to a new location brought a fresh start with fresh faces; a fresh chance. Mom, Cookie, our Rott and Chow mix, Tag, my cat, and myself were leaving our farm house in Clarksville Tennessee, and on our way to Springfield. The sorriest part of it all was, we couldn’t bring Princess, our horse.

Springfield Missouri

Bigger than any city I had known, Springfield had no room for horses. Lot’s of changes swirled by as changes tend to do. Before I was done with grade school, I ended up being home schooled. Home schooled children have the greatest opportunity to get to know and be a part of their city. We experience more hands on learning in real places doing all sorts of things. It’s an awesome way to educate, and was the best way to turn just another town into Home.

One facet of my education became working with my mother, who worked with friends at a locally owned bakery part time. Thanks to The Bake House, I met Springfield. That journey has been full of all the things that make life rich, and has taught me a valuable lesson; I love Springfield and our 417.

City of Springfield

Breaking it down, 2018 was about rebuilding; a discovery of what I’m made of and who I am. Business is one of my biggest passions. It’s taken some trial and error to find what I want, discover where I might fit best.

It’s my hope to give a different view of our corner of the state as I work on the road, taking my camera and pen along for the ride. That journey will ever be evolving. It’s occurred to me, I have a rare opportunity with a fortunate combination of gifts to record my adventures through 417.

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