About Faye

Entrepreneur, author, artist, philanthropist, intuitive guide of unbound healing.

Jacquelynn Faye of Southwest Missouri is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Seven times published in paranormal fiction and dramatic suspense, Faye is currently in the creation process of her first nonfiction production, a workbook for reprogramming mindset.

Lifelong artist, Faye has a unique style of blending creating a visual feast of color and texture through her often nature-inspired abstracts. Her art knows no limits and is most often found coating privately-owned walls across the Midwest. Custom requests are all the artist is currently making available for sale at this time.

Currently, Faye’s life passion and focus travels two roads, one is in property development, designing, building, and custom finishing homes across the world with her mother Brenda Rand at Unique House Plans;  the second is that of helping others.

Published for her holistic work in several periodicals and E-journals Faye is also seven times published in paranormal fiction and dramatic suspense. It was Faye’s personal struggle with both her physical health and mental health that pushed her forward, lighting a fire in her to discover and finally understand the secrets to self healing. Faye developed strategies to empower herself, to reprogram, and even quiet the self doubt and negative nag we’re all harboring within us. With these methods she discovered the keys to her entire belief system, her core program, and found empowered physical healing. As a holistic practitioner, Faye is an advocate for healing to many across the world. A life coach, and spiritual teacher, Faye’s unique style empowers her to support others into healing from significant trauma and release themselves from toxic internal programming. Through her spiritual techniques and reprogramming approach Faye helps others achieve health, happiness, and their true potentials.

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