Shut Up Your Inner Nag


The Ultimate Cheat Code Workbook For Reprogramming Your Mindset & Your Life

Shut Up Your Inner Nag

A Mindset Shift Workbook

Why, How, and What it takes to SHUT UP your inner Nag, and ultimately (and finally) reprogram your life.

A solution-focused Self Empowerment system developed to actually and successfully change your mindset, and shut up your inner Nag!


There are many aspects of ourselves and situations that create anxiety and depression. For myself, it had been a teeter-totter balance mostly dominated by health and anxiety, though I firmly believe anxiety causes poor health it is equally true and indeed a double whammy that poor health causes anxiety. This book is not to debate where your depression comes from. That answer is different for most of us, and if it’s been repressed I advise attentive guidance and support, which is available here through one on one support. Intuitive Readings are also available if ongoing support is not what you’re currently seeking, HERE.

This workbook has been crafted like the ultimate cheat code to help you learn, understand, and put into action a unique process of reprogramming your inner voice and your belief system. You have been told for years that The Secret was positive thought, yet we have been programmed since conception with fear, lack, desperation, and an onslaught of negative programming and left with no guidance on how to cultivate positive thoughts!

Coaches and Self Empowerment speakers for the past twenty years have been talking about mindset and positive thinking, but the paths we’ve been given to get there are long, tedious, and full of risky potholes. The biggest pothole being yourself, your own inner voice. Or as I like to call her, your inner Nag. 

That Nag is so loud! Every time you start to feel good and want to dig into affirmations you hear this dark evil chuckling, and always with the backtalk! “Wealthy?! You’re so poor, people break into your house and leave things!” This Nag can be pretty wicked when it comes to how we feel about all critical areas of our life. She can cut you to the bone when you’ve just crawled out of bed, hair wild and face and body droop and sagging with various puffy intervals. All your beauty affirmations on the mirror won’t help when she’s telling you things that you wouldn’t say to your worst enemies. The worst part, this Nag, she is you. 

May this workbook be your proverbial duct tape so you can shut that Nag up once and for all!


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