The Mama Faye

Who is the Mama Faye?

Light Worker Mama Faye is Native Aniyvwiya born, or Cherokee to most; embodying her duality with Nordic Viking ancestry on the other end of the spectrum. The Aniyvwiya Viking child has always been different from the time of her birth to hear her mother tell the story. Born in a Cherokee Hospital, 6 weeks late with twenty Aniyvwiya doctors in the room. Upon her birth she did not cry. Placed upon the table, she raised onto her hands and knees and lifted her head. It was the quietest room in the hospital despite more bodies filling the single room than any other in the hospital that day. True to her birth, her mother says, she was a unique child with a unique soul.

Who am I?

This is not only a question you’re here to discover, but one I am here to discover, too. Creator, caster, mother, alchemist, shaman, healer, intuitive, spiritual, author, artist, designer, guide, coach. There are so many labels, good and bad, and some entirely mundane, and others entirely other. Do those labels help you understand who I am?

They don’t help me understand who I am.

They’re things I can do, have done, and feel passionate about. I am Faye, is the answer I feel inside of me. And most of all, Mama Faye. Because Mama Faye is the mother, she is love, she is care, she is all things because that is the mother’s way.

My journey, and the connect to my heritage, has shown me what’s important to me and for that I have been very blessed. My purpose has come to me, my inspiration is always seeking me out, or we are seeking out each other.

It is my purpose to help others through their dark nights of the soul, through their shadow work, into rebirth, through love to all aspects of ourselves and our lives. I teach those willing to shed the chains of self loathing. I teach light, and compassionate healing of the body, mind, and soul.

Who am I?

My name is Mama Faye. I come to you humbly and ask to show you the way to joy; joy for you, joy for me, joy for all.


What’s it like to work with Mama Faye?

Versed in the ancient wisdom ways of Mama Faye is a guide for those ready to rise above all that’s holding them back. Negative programming, Imprints, and blockages are just some of the problems holding us back from our joy.

When you embrace your Shadow Work with Mama Faye, you have a guide to cut right to the heart of your healing, saving you from the anguish of unnecessary time lost to our dark night period.

Using various tools, techniques, and practices, Mama Faye  helps guide and support you into a life of joy throughout every aspect of your self. Each session begins with opening a sacred space and an Illuminated Healing and Clearing of your Luminous Energy Field.

You have been reading about niche niche niche down, heal one aspect of the self at a time. So why does Mama Faye practice Whole Life Healing? Because what is it to know joy in only one place of our life? How do we improve our career when there is trouble at home? Challenges keep us in the flow state to embrace the shedding of all that does not serve our greatest joy. This is not a quest to never know a painful emotion again, to never have another problem again, but to learn to embrace every challenge with enough love to learn from it, to grow from it, and to heal from it.

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Mama Faye nurtures and loves you through healing, empowering you to embrace the duality of our emotions, the grief, the chaos, the pain. She brings this light into every aspect of our selves, empowering us into more successful and more fulfilling careers, more joyful relationships, and more joyous solitude and a deeper understanding of self love.

How do I work with Mama Faye?