Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings


Intuitive readings are lead uniquely through each session.

Intuitive readings are often sought and used to gain insight to current situations in your life. These readings can give guidance and insight on energies working against you no matter the form they come in and help you move through blocks and problems that have been weighing on you and impacting your life. Intuitive readings can be used to better guide one through healing, physically, spiritually, and mentally.


What can you expect from your intuitive reading?

The first few minutes of our call we’ll connect organically as we flow into an energetic reading. If I feel called to use a tool for your reading it is during this time I will select which tool to use, most often tarot or oracle cards. Many readings last for about an hour and a half, some have gone longer! Last week I ended a reading at two hours and twenty two minutes! 222


Why do these sessions last so long?

Unlike basic readings where you ask questions and (hopefully) receive basic answers, I connect with guides to go deeper and unlock important pieces to your journey. These sessions unlock doors to transformative change and healing. We will often be able to identify energetic cords that are attached to you that are no longer thriving and release their attachment to you. This does not impact your existing relationships in any negative way. It simply allows for more vibrant connections to replace the old.

Cord removal is not a skip-jump over healing! Just because the cord has been removed and the impurities cleanses away does not mean that they can’t come rushing back if any wounds were opened by these connections. In a toxic relationship, imagine the energetic cord connecting you to be very dark and heavy, full of sludge. This is almost like a rotten umbilical cord attaching your energies to others. Like our belly buttons when we first have our umbilical cord severed, a port of connection remains and must be cared for or it will remain open and vulnerable to infection.

If you want to know what it would look like to go further into healing, please hop over to our blog where I discuss many topics of wellness, and our page Unique Soul Solutions to discover a unique to you path to wholeness and healing.

The investment for your intuitive reading  is $88.88 at time of booking. If you feel aligned and inclined to give more before or after then your gift is welcomed and will positively be energetically rewarded!

Please set aside two hours for your reading. While we may not fill that entire time it is best to schedule time to absorb the reading, to rest and to allow space for healing and downloads. Downloads is what we refer to when we experience moments of great and deep informational or spiritual knowledge and where a lot of growth happens. This is common after intuitive readings. You may be experiencing a sense of awe or a whoa moment as you allow this new awareness to absorb into you conscious being.

Can intuitive readings be dangerous?

No! I have protected myself and therefore all the unique souls I support from any risk of dangerous spiritual connections. While I am able to identify dark energies who want to interfere or involve themselves in your reading, there is no risk to you or to myself or anyone else for that matter in connection to my readings. The simplest explanation is they’re not permitted, and you can rest assured of this. BOOK NOW!

For further concerns please read our disclaimer policy.