Work With Mama Faye

How do I work with Mama Faye?

Working with Mama Faye is a unique path for everyone, because we are each unique souls. Mama Faye works one on one primarily, while hosting many group ceremonies and events to support connected world wide healing.

Lightworker Mama Faye provides multiple options in order to be flexible for everyone’s needs. Please see services and descriptions below.

If you join the Activated Whole Life  Healing membership, please be advised you will not receive your Uniquely Empowered Healing Tool Kit until at least 3 months have been paid for either via the 3 month sign up, year sign up, or after 3 consecutive months of paid support. Uniquely Empowered Healing Tool Kits are NOT available for the monthly text-only membership plan.

Mindset Reprogramming Text Club

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Reading Disclaimer

Illuminated Healing Session

Activated Whole Life Healing

Guided Support


Have you been a part of a group meditation, gifted healing session, or reading? If you feel called to give back, your support is deeply appreciated.