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Who Are You

Wow.  Who are you?

While I knew I had a website, I had put it so far out of my head, it seems like I kind of wish I didn’t have one. Then, while working along on some other website work I see that I have gotten 22 visitors this month, and continue to get visitors every month. Huh? Who are you people? Did you read my books? See a painting? How did you find me? 

Are you looking for that other author using my almost-name with the tacky overcooked covers? Ironic that we both write paranormal, but I’m pretty damn certain that’s not her real name anyway. But, this is me, Jacquelynn Faye, though now it is Jacquelynn Faye Thompson. 

A lot sure has happened since I put this site together. A lot of struggle went down to carve out this path, for certain. Also interesting that it took a lot of pain; but that’s what births a writer I suppose, pain. It’s only interesting though because, as previously mentioned, I’m an author and that’s the most likely reason you’re here. Why are you here? Wondering if there’s been any new work lately? Just me, I’m afraid. Not that that’s been no small achievement. It’s been monumental! Just not one I can sell to you. Yet. Entirely. I do love contracting, though. Always a new experience. Just reach out. 

I wonder how long it will be before I come back with something more to offer you? I didn’t just leave the website, I left the internet. Well, except Pinterest. I do love me some Pinterest. (YES you can find all of my work on Pinterest!) I left most officially when I locked down my Facebook account and removed my profile picture. Social Media just isn’t for me, folks. I tried. I liked the shiny. It was a lovely shiny. A place to pretend I had a social life, pretend I had friends, discovered my love for writing no less, and maybe did some good with. It’s also how I found my Bear, our rescue.

Baby Bear

He’s a loon. I adore him.

So there are good things out there. I don’t deny this. Most writers, or actually most anyone trying to make money as a solo artist/entrepreneur knows the pitfalls of kicking social media to the curb. How can you get discovered when you don’t shout at the masses? 

I don’t know. Who are you and how did you find me? I still sell books monthly. Call it talent call it magic call it good luck, it’s a good feeling to know I haven’t been forgotten by the world and that my work still holds merit for some of you.

What were your goals coming here, I wonder? See, I read too much into these things. I’m contributing on the other websites now. My work is spreading into new areas. My interests are spreading into some incredible sciences, bioengineering, epigenetics, biocentrism. On the writing slab, I’m working on a historical fiction, albeit slowly. The seed has been planted at least. If you are here on purpose, if this is intentional, say as much. What would you like to know? What are you looking for? You’re not a crazy ex, are you? 

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