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Free Radicals and Antibodies

Understanding Free Radicals & Antibodies

How does our health depend on the antibodies and their war against free radicals?

Free radicals are simplified as a defective cell. Let’s say they are missing an arm and become violent and angry and reproduce equally damaged clones as they get more angry.  These guys are found in excess and plethora in all unhealthy people, diseases, illnesses, cancers, auto immune, unhealthy seniors, etc. They create major inflammation and are found in all inflamed people. There are over 260 diseases caused by free radicals that we know of.

Normal cellular function and external stressors, like UV rays, cigarette smoke and environmental pollution, trigger the over development of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that wreak havoc with your body, destroying antibodies, damaging membrane, eating at your enzymes and DNA– or, as it’s more scientifically termed, causing ‘oxidative stress’. All areas of the body are vulnerable to free radical damage, causing inflammation and inevitably autoimmune disorders.

Antioxidants support  the development and repair of your antibodies. Antibodies are the good guys that are supposed to fight these free radicals. Unless they become outnumbered and then free rads degrade your antibodies. This is the turning point that we become sick with label X.

Do you know how an antibody eliminates a free radical?

It heals it. It gives it an arm, so to speak, making it whole and turning off the anger and bad reactions.
Very FEW doctors acknowledge this because 1, they need their patients to remain patients. 2, they don’t know how to increase antibodies because not all antioxidants have what it takes to actually repair and create antibodies.
That brings us to the green giant of healing, Chlorophyll!
Chlorophyll is the only proven and known source that creates a notable count of antibodies in the body.
Other than being healthy, doctors have had no idea how to maintain antibodies but chlorophyll literally grows them.
Thus chlorophyll is the most important and healing fluid on the planet. It will eliminate by healing free radicals, and that is just one aspect and benefit of chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll has the power to oxygenate the body, purify the blood, and help support your mineral and nutrition content in the body. When you are looking for empowered healing the answer is always chlorophyll.
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