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Journaling With Pain

The Shadow Self
Journaling With Pain
Journaling with pain is an intimate practice of listening to your wouds.
Healing does not always feel good. I’m not even sure if it feels good 50% of the time
Maybe it only feels good after, or at least on rare bath occasions…. I could really use a bath today. That might happen. (It did not happen)
Sometimes healing is just sitting in your funk and asking where it hurts and digging into the core of the why?
Sometimes it’s patience with things not going according to plan.
Sometimes it’s sitting alone, asking yourself how alone feels, and most importantly facing how it feels with compassion.
These are good moments for exploring through journaling or meditation.
Why does Source gift me with setbacks?
Why does Source want me to face this challenge?
How does Source want me to face this challenge?
What do I need from me right now?
What are my feelings right now?
Do they affect me physically or just emotionally?
Are my emotions affecting others around me?
How would I like my emotions to affect those around me?
What benefit will I be blessed with after I overcome this challenge?
Why am I so blessed with vital learning opportunities?
How do I ideally overcome this challenge?
What would I do differently if I had a do over?
Did I feel any internal alarms sound during this challenge or my reaction to the challenge?
What should I take responsibility for with this setback?
What should I release responsibility over from this challenge?
What action would serve my highest self best when facing this challenge?
Journaling with pain is one of the most healing forms of journaling as it allows your inner wounds to have a true voice and be heard. Acknowledging our wounds and our experiences are important. Asking the right questions to understand the hows and whys of our wounds is healing.
Journaling With Pain

Until next, unique souls.


Love always,

Momma Faye