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What Makes This Important

The Shadow Self

It’s important that I make clear, for the sake of my path forward, that I understand what makes this important to me?

Once or twice I’ve mentioned my past and dropped vague mention to my journey of healing. Vague mentions are about all I ever commit to in regards to myself. Anytime I can redirect attention off of me, it’s already done. Which is so contradictory to my inane desire to be an entrepreneur, and to carve my own beautiful and unique path.


Social media has been a struggle for me for quite a few years, so when I stand here now, trying to establish my presence, it feels foreign. 


I think what will keep me here is this though… The time I have been waiting for has arrived, and my success deserves the sacrifice of my comfort if that’s all that’s holding me back. But what drives my ability to overcome that discomfort and acknowledge my worthiness has been in great thanks to the book. Being able to surrender that my success is not just critical to me, it’s critical to everyone, it’s critical to the universe. 


This is my purpose, or at the very least, one portion of that greater picture.


During the production of this book, I find myself faced with an overwhelm of options. This book is a seed, a seed that can blossom into any number of beautiful flowers. How I care for and water the seed will determine what it blossoms into. 


This book touches on one of the greatest pain points we all face. Our own inner voice, our inner dialogue that addresses how we speak to ourselves. This is the reflection of our true self-worth. This is what holds us back. This is our inner monster setting fires, lighting the match to our self-destruction. 


Only, not only do we look at this dragon inside of us, the program itself is the sword that slays the dragon. I know this because it’s working for other people and everyone who has tried it so far. There’s power here that I feel blessed to have discovered and obligated to share.


I know that has to shape the destiny of this book. What’s important here? Sharing the message. The message is simple, the training, the process, once you learn how to break down our barriers it comes so quick and easy. Why is it so quick and easy?


The answer isn’t important. I teach that too. There is magic in the surrender. 


We’ve been coached since birth that when you ask a question you must find and receive an answer. It’s taught when you’re asked a question you’re expected to either A. answer or B. excuse your lack of knowing to go seek the answer, but nevertheless, there must be an answer. But what if you didn’t need an answer? How would not receiving an answer affect the outcome? How does no answer provide more opportunity for bigger answers or even multiple answers?


These are all keys in the process of reprogramming your core systems, the baseline structure.


What makes this important? Even Xanax can’t shut up your inner monologue until you pass out. Valium doesn’t make you hate yourself less the next day. This workbook is the pill we’ve all been looking for. Or it’s been mine and has been for several others too. It’s such a blessing to finally be here, finally be able to write this. How fortunate am I?


Until next, unique souls.


Love always,

Momma Faye


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