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Happy Holidays 2022

Happy Holidays

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of year for so many! While for others it is full of pain, emptiness, loss, trauma, and depression.
Your wounds are loudest during this time because they are asking to be healed with every trigger and moment of overwhelm.
In honor of what’s been a tough year of lessons and growth for so many of us, all sessions will be donation based through the end of the year.
Please reach out to schedule your support today. 
Mama Faye nurtures and loves you through healing, empowering you to embrace the duality of our emotions, the grief, the chaos, the pain. She brings this light into every aspect of our selves, empowering us into more successful and more fulfilling careers, more joyful relationships, and more joyous solitude and a deeper understanding of self love. Clear energetic wounds. Heal and transmute trauma trapped in the body. Reprogram the subconscious for joy and healing. To request your donation session use the contact form or contact Mama Faye on Facebook here.