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What I do for ADHD and ADD

What I do for ADHD & ADD

Please note that this article is affiliated, but do know that I have been a loyal and loving fan of this company for more than a year before affiliation. I only back what I believe in. I believe in Dose. 

Something I have experienced living with throughout my life is ADD, but also ADHD. I joke it’s a Gemini thing, but I am willing to bet more people live with this than are even aware. ADD stands out separately as a slowness. It can develop as severe brain fog, difficulty finding words, and things like that. My neurodivergence causes some mild stuttering, and sometimes I resemble Beans from Ringo. I just seem to go somewhere else, and it can be rather abrupt. 

Now the irony is, these are also symptoms of many other claircognizant practitioners experience.

ADHD presents in many ways, and it can also be quite empowering when you’re at optimal health. I believe these divergent issues aren’t all problematic. What if we only believed them problematic simply because it doesn’t conform to what others expectations are? I believe, at least when we are at our healthiest, we can utilize many divergent labels more like superpowers than hindrances. 

Clearly, this large array of symptomatic experiences are best controlled with proper diet and nutrition. I learned this at a young age when I was put on an elimination diet instead of Ritalin. Thanks, mom. <3 

Within a couple of weeks time, I went from Cs and Ds to mostly As and a few Bs. It was an intense difference. So yes, proper diet is critical, but as I age and take on a whole lot more than second grade, I have come to a point where I perform best when I support myself with supplements. 

Firstly, I encourage everyone to explore tryptophan, you can read more about that and mental health here. 

Today I’m here to tell you that my absolute favorite advantage over my ADHD & ADD and other neurodivergence I discovered over a year ago. A unique drink, Everyday Dose. Dose has supported me through a lot of hard times, and has even helped me power through some intense moments of anxiety and depression. 

No one can tell you better what they do than Jack himself. I encourage you to review their quality page, ingredients, and story too. Read it all, you’ll feel as confident as I was when I first discovered Dose. I have loved being a customer for the past year so much that I found their FB group, and joined in on the support and encouragement (begging) for an affiliate program to better support them as they support others in their healing journeys. Having recommended Dose to every client and my friends and family, it’s only natural for me to jump on board the Dose express. 

Does this mean Dose works for everyone?? Sadly no, that’s just a fact of every product and program in the world. That doesn’t mean you can’t try Dose in confidence as they have a 60 day guarantee and from all I have seen Jack always follows through with excellent customer care. Not only that, but because I have been so supportive of Jack he has been gracious enough to gift everyone who signs up THROUGH THIS LINK AND ALL LINKS ON THIS PAGE will get 15% off! 

I hope you give it a try and let me know how it helps you and how you enjoy it!



Dose has a few different blends, including a matcha blend now! As I know this company continues to blossom and grow, I am sure that even more is in their future and so in my cup.