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Cleanse Your Chakras

The Shadow Self
Cleanse Your Chakras
Cleanse your chakras easily and effectively every time you shower.  This practice will leave you feeling more refreshed and energized after each shower and help discharge toxicity in the body be it stored in energy form or the physical body.
Many of us are at least familiar with the chakras. This cleansing practice is a powerful method of restoring balance to all layers of the self. Do this in the shower ideally when you wake or after a rough day.
Hold your left hand at the base of your spine, with your right hand three or four inches in front of you above the skin for your first chakra. With your fingers of your right hand spin your chakra counterclockwise, like winding a clock backward, rotating your fingers in a circle.
This eliminates sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakras.
Rinse your fingers and proceed on to the second chakra, rinsing thoroughly in between each as you move through the chakra system. Rise up to your solar plexus, the third chakra where your self-worth and self-image is stored. Be present in this cleansing process. What comes up for you as you’re turning this dial back, scrubbing the proverbial walls of your sacred energy body? If you suddenly start crying for example, spend extra loving time on this chakra.
Pay attention to your heart chakra, this cleansing process may be a more thorough and more gentle method of energetic “cord cutting” used to release energy connections that no longer serve your highest good. What emotions and thoughts come to you as you cleanse the chakra?
Cleanse The Chakras
Visualize your cleansing, imagine the colors of your chakras, first dull and maybe even dark or black, and how they become more vivid, bright, and vibrant with color as you cleanse each one, being sure to cleanse your fingers between each chakra.
Do you sing in the shower? If so, this is a beautiful way to charge your throat chakra as you cleanse as well. Purify and recharge, speak your truth, face your lies, purse and wash all away that no longer belongs.
Your third eye chakra, your sixth chakra. You may feel pressure headaches, vision impairment, and fall prey to many schemes or lies of others if your third eye is blocked or negatively charged.
The crown chakra, the lotus, seventh chakra, at the top of your head. Turn the dial back, open your mind to release all that no longer serves you. Scrub clean your negative belief system, scrub clean your false programs and internal lies.
If you have an opportunity to play music during your shower this is an excellent time to combine chakra balancing frequencies to your cleansing process.
You can use this practice every day to help purify and strengthen the vibrancy of your chakras. If you don’t feel you have time or forget, just implement this practice whenever you’re able. It will help support your healing and your day to day health and well being.

Until next, unique souls.


Love always,

Momma Faye


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